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 LeveL 380 Opt. Guide

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PostSubject: LeveL 380 Opt. Guide   Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:25 am


New item options specifically for level 380 items (SD options applies only in PVP)

Talk to the Chaos Goblin
Click the "Item option combination" button
Place the level 380 item, 1 Jewel of Guardian and 1 Jewel of Harmony
Item option is dependent on the item
Press the "Combination" button
If the combination is successful, 2 item options are created in the item and the jewels are destroyed
If the combination fails, the item is retained and only the jewels are destroyed (no, this is not a typo, the goblin will not eat your item if the combination fails )

and the higher the item, the better chances...

Item Upgrade Level Success Rate
4 ~ 6 ---------------------------- 50%
7 ~ 9 ---------------------------- 60%
10 ~ 13 -------------------------- 70%

The pink options...

Level 380 New Item Option (fixed)

SD Auto Recovery
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Defensive Skill +200
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Max HP increase +200
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Max SD increase +700
Defense Success Rate increase +10

SD Recovery Rate increase +20
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Additional Damage +200
Attack Success Rate increase +10

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LeveL 380 Opt. Guide
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